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We are committed to building solutions that create rewarding results

Established in 2019, iShivax has been offering world-class consulting, information technology services and offshore outsourcing services to clients in more than 25 geographic locations across the world. End-to-end solutions are provided to our clients’ business needs by combining business domain experience, technical expertise, top-grade knowledge of industry trends and the best methodology this is achieved with the help of a sound team of over a 50+ skilled professionals who utilize their expertise and experience in helping the business reach new heights.

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To be the most reputed global provider of software development solutions that helps companies accomplish their goals and enhance customer experience.

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To transform the business vision into a reality with immense passion, technological innovation, and a client-centric approach.

Why iShivax Shines ?

In today’s world of digital advancements, incorporating technology with quality business practices is a roadmap to getting iconic success. iShivax helps businesses accelerate their growth and get to the next level by integrating technology with industry-standard practices, core values, and operating principles. Our commitment and values reflect in our performance and have contributed in making iShivax one of the leading providers of IT solutions.

Industry-Standard practices

  • Fulfillment of all the IT needs at one platform
  • Employment and allocation of domain experts
  • Regular testing and QA to ensure quality of services and deliverables
  • Usage of Agile, Kanban and waterfall methodologies

Operating Principles

  • We make technology solutions easier and simple to understand.
  • We stay in communication 24/7 to ensure transparency despite the time zone differences.
  • We bridge the gap between cultures to work collaboratively on projects.
  • We keep documents ready that may be needed for verification or as evidences.

Core values

  • Successful delivery of solutions with collaboration and teamwork.
  • Focus on customer’s success
  • Addition of value to business with right solutions.
  • Quality assurance to ensure stability and accuracy of the product.


iShivax has built a team of over 100 Internet marketing professionals driven to help our clients succeed through

all online channels. We continuously strive to recruit & breed the leading talent in the industry to deliver results.

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Shiv Kumar Deegwal

Founder & CTO

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Reetu Sharma

Project Head

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Anuj Kanojia

UX & UI Developer

Team member image

Devraj Singh

Business Analyst

Team member image

Rahul Sharma

Content Writer

Team member image

Nitin Verma

Database Management

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Alok Verma


Perfect and expet solution

iShivax LLC team has remotely resolved every issue with my website & mobile application. Once my Website & mobile app was not responding and I asked for help from the Gig Squat and GoDaddy , they could not fix it. So I called iShivax LLC not hoping that they could do anything, but they not only fixed the issue but later worked on my Computer and fix all computer problems and fix it like a brand new Computer... I am truly indebted to iShivax LLC Without them I would be hours, if not days on the phone with Microsoft, GoDaddy and other software development companies and a candidate for a mental asylum. I am so lucky that I am customer of iShivax LLC and I have access to them almost immediately. Short and sweet, iShivax team isgenius in what they are doing. Certified "New Life Story" Coach, Founder of New Life Choices

Zarah Marashi / Founder


A good design work

I've been hearing great things about this company as of recent and decided to finally visit your site and I'm impressed! It's well-designed;easy to navigate; and offers plenty of services that I foresee myself using to take my business to the next level. Kudos!

Quincy / Client


A Leading Digital Agency & Search Marketing Specialists

Our goal is to maximise the return on your online spend. The company is recognised as a leader in the field and has built dozens of ecommerce sites. The team at iShivax all have extensive practical experience in distance shopping, both on and off-line, which enables the company to provide its clients with excellent levels of insight and service.

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