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The inclination of businesses towards the model of Offshore Development Centre can be attributed to its economical benefits, superior productivity and greater efficiency.

The myriad benefits of Offshore Outsourcing Model have led to its adoption by small and large businesses around the world. Besides being cost-effective, this model makes sure a dedicated team is hard at work to achieve business goals with vigour and vision. The struggles associated with the employment of a talented pool of resources within the boundaries of budget constraints at the site can be reduced to a great extent by deploying talent offshore.


The Need Of An Offshore Outsourcing Model

Reduced operating expenses by better utilizing hardware and software infrastructures

Round-the-clock support by a dedicated team for every product –big or small

Power to undertake even projects of short life spans

Freedom to hire from a large talent pool spread across multiple locations

Freedom to upsize or downsize teams as per the requirements thus capping expenses

Capitalization on time-zone difference by providing 24/7 support/troubleshooting services

On-time deliveries of solutions by teams committed to specific goals

The Offshore Outsourcing Model at iShivax

At iShivax, we combine an in-depth analysis of business requirements with technical know-how to design and deliver robust offshore outsourcing models that encompass stages from designing till deployment. The onsite coordinator is responsible for creating rapport with the offshore team and staying abreast of all the client requirements to ensure fluid flow of processes.


Why hire iShivax for an Offshore Outsourcing Model?

  • Business specific guidelines and brand ethics are taken into consideration while documenting and analysing requirements at the time of the creation of the blue-print of the project.
  • Right from the analysis of the requirements till successful go-live of the project, our team of professionals stay dedicated towards achievement of the prescribed goal.
  • Periodic updates are shared upon completion of milestones outlined at the time of designing to monitor progress and ensure connectivity between onsite and offshore teams.
  • Periodic testing and quality checks are undertaken to guarantee delivery of a bug-free stable product that is an exact avatar of the client’s original perception of it.